Monday, April 29, 2013

Game this Sunday, 5/5/13

Our next scheduled session is this Sunday, 5/5/13. I am looking to see who plans to be there so that I have the appropriate thing planned.

We are about to start the next installment of Legacy of Fire. Everyone should be at 5th level.

The current party make-up is:

Bruce (bard) , Dave (monk/rogue) , David (cleric) , Matt F (wizard) and Corey (sorcerer).
I believe that Bob plans to play a paladin. (The starting HP and Point Buy rules for this game can be found at I will have to defer to the players to determine how much GP to spend on equipment. Dave and Corey have made the most recent characters.)

If we think that we will be short players for part or the whole day, I can have a PFS adventure ready to run too.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our next session

Our next scheduled session is May 5th. I would like to know who plans to be there so I can determine what we will play. Since last month was Jon's last game, that leaves use with Bruce (bard) , Dave (monk/rogue) , David (cleric) , Matt F (wizard) and Corey (sorcerer).

If we have enough players for Legacy of Fire, I will continue that. If not, we may have to look at something like PFS, another game or cancelling the session.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Belier's Bite

We're going to need a ruling on Belier's Bite.  Kasim has it but has yet to use it.  It reads:

Your unarmed strikes cause your opponent to bleed.
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike.
Benefit: When you damage an opponent with an unarmed strike, you deal an extra 1d4 bleed damage.
Special: This ability does not stack with other special abilities, attacks, or items that allow you to deal bleed damage.

 What exactly does this mean?  An extra d4 per hit?  Opponent gains the bleeding condition for d4 points every turn? d4x(hits) per turn?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Next Sunday Game 4/7/13

We are scheduled for our next Sunday game on 4/7/13. As of now, I am expecting to run Legacy of Fire. I expect that we will complete the first book of the Adventure Path.

Our start time will be 2:00ish at Bruce's house.