Thursday, September 13, 2007

Star Frontiers Digitally Re-mastered

UPDATE: The content has been updated and joined with like minded materials. The new issue of Star Frontiersman can be found on the new site

For those who might be interested, I found this site and the materials are very well done.

I was somewhat inspired and nostalgic but I am not sure that I will ever get a chance to run or play the system. Part of me thinks it would be cool to play and another part (the realist) says that I will never get around to it. If nothing else, this might be a cool resource for another space game.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keith's Website updated

As I stated in the Tuesday Game Blog, I have spent some time recently working on my website.

Most of the changes have been cosmetic but I did make some headway on my Champions game pages. It is my goal to have both game pages, Remedy and Pulse, completely up to date by the end of September.That said, I will need to get updated characters from some of you. I still need copies of Dave's Gomuk and Jon's Wonder Man. I believe that I have the most recent version of The Sleeper but Christian can send another copy just in case. I will work to finish updating Randy's Unknown and Russ' Cold Fire.

There are new players that will need a Champions characters for Sunday. Kay, Brian and Joe, what do you want to play? You need to think of a concept for a normal person and then a super-powered version of that character. I will help you build your characters but I need something to work with. I need to have some ideas. I would perfer to have something done before the game on 10/7/07. Making a Champions character takes a bit of work.

What do you guys think of the site format? Is there anything else that you would you like to see?


Well, there's one for Tuesday...

For Sunday game stuff.

Next game: October 7, 2pm. Mark it on your calendars. And somebody poke Joe. With a cattle prod.