Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scheduled Game on 3/3/13

I am not really sure if I can make 3/17 work as an alternate date. At this point I think that I would rather keep the 3/3 date which I know will work.

I am open to doing something different. Rather than play Legacy of Fire, we could play a couple of PFS scenarios. Dave, Bruce, David, Matt and I all have characters and play on a semi-regular basis. We could even invite a couple more folks like Steve or Corey who do not normally join on Sunday.

If we go this route, I can volunteer to run one scenario but I would like to play one too. We just need to decide which levels/scenarios that we want to play.

If that is not to the group's liking, we can always skip March.

Either way, we would resume the Legacy of Fire game on 4/7/13 when Jon can attend.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Origin of Kasim al-Raqib

I spent my youth in whorehouses and ale houses throughout Lung Wa.  I never knew my brother, cared nothing for my father, and saw my mother only rarely.  

It was a callow and misspent youth, remarkable only for the length of time it took me to mature.  One would think Angelic blood would make a person grow up quicker or live more nobly, but such a one never knew my mother.

Do not mistake me: I adore my mother.  But it is the same way the mountain adores the rain: enjoy it while it lasts, for it will be gone soon.  It is certain she is a scion of some lawless entity; Cayden Caylean or somesuch.  She will not say.

One night I stole into a roadside inn, thinking to rob a government official there.  I silently  crept into the man's room and rifled through his possessions.  To my dismay there were no ill-gotten taxes or jewelry, but prayer beads and several religious texts.
As I made to leave I heard a rustling of cloth.  The priest rose from his mat and asked why I had not taken anything.  I boasted that I only stole from those that steal and that I would never rob a servant of the light.
A discussion followed, about morality and how misguided my justification for thievery was.  I did not realize it then, but I became a disciple of Master Chung that day.

I went with Master Chung to the Golden Dragon monastery   It was there I learned what a fool I had been, and how much I had to learn about... well, about everything.

Years flew by while I studied.  I was oddly content with the monastic life until my mother found me.
I had a brother, she said.  Not of her blood, but of my fathers, got upon a succubus.  My father had passed on as well, leaving my brother orphaned.  

My peace was broken.  My brother, demon-blooded, orphaned in the cesspool that is Katapesh?  He was sure to grow into a victim or worse yet, a scion of corruption.

I took my leave of the temple and set sail for Katapesh.  My brother's exploits were easily heard, and although they spoke of no strong character it was clear that there was not malice or evil in his heart.  The stories reminded me much of my own youth.

I was further heartened to hear that he had fallen in with a holy knight of Sarenrae, gone on a quest to free one of the northern towns from the grip of gnoll marauders.

Then I arrived at Kelmarane, and my brother was dead less than a day.  It seems to me this was fated.  Surely, I am meant to take his place.  Was it my mother's doing?  Some machination of my father or his demonic whore?  I know not.  But it seems that my brother Aman had cast his lot with these adventurers, and so shall I.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Reminder: Game this Sunday

We are schedule to play Legacy of Fire on Sunday, 2/10/13. See you then.