Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Future of the game

Christian has informed me, for various reasons, he will be dropping out of the Sunday game.

That leaves us with 5 regulars; Bruce, Dave, Jon, David and myself. Brian is a sometimes participant and I suspect that Russ and Randy are now in the retired category (but still welcome mind you). I can remove you from the blog distribution if you like but again you are welcome to lurk.

I would like to have a discussion about the future of the game. Having fewer players is both bane and boon. On the good side, combats and storyline will move faster. On the bad side, absent players make it more likely for canceled sessions. We could also recruit a few new players. I know that Bruce has someone at work that is interested.

I have been running the Fane of the Fallen adventure as it is easy to prepare and is the appropriate level for the characters that everyone had. Of late, we have been playing sporadically and it seems that the storyline is being lost and there is a lack of energy to the game in general. I am willing to continue running this if everyone is onboard and having fun but I am also willing to try something else.

The something else would likely be another prepared Pathfinder adventure or adventure path starting with new guys and lower level. The reality of creating my own material, with the time I have available and the backlog of purchased adventures, seems slim. Changing systems would also likely become disruptive.

I am not sure that playing PFS is a solution as we already have trouble with getting the core Tuesday guys (where four of us play regularly) to the appropriate levels. Also the changes in the module rules make playing those for credit harder too.

I do not have the solutions but I am open to suggestions.