Sunday, February 22, 2009

Planning for Sunday

I am trying to plan for next Sunday's session. I have a new adventure that I am ready to start but I am looking for input from the players.

Your characters are currently between adventures. Before I start the next one, are there any housekeeping issues that you would like to take care of such as equipment sales and purchases? Are there any local Falcon's Hollow storylines that you want to follow-up upon or start?

Your characters are now 6th level. Please make sure that you have a current, leveled, Pathfinder Beta copy when you arrive. You should be fresh on hit points, stat damage, spells, etc. The only outstanding condition that I am aware is the lack of teeth for Pariah. (Currently the group does not have a fix for this issue.)

I believe that I am slated for the 2:00 pre-dinner session. Dave is on deck for the post dinner session.

With an eye toward the longer term future ...

I currently have three more adventures that work for these characters and the region of the world where they currently are adventuring. This should provide several months of material and take you up to 9th or 10th level. After that, I do not have anything planned but I certainly could figure out something.

I am curious if the group would like to continue adventuring with these characters or would you be interested in starting a new adventure path designed to take characters from 1st to around 16th level. I am currently running one of these on Saturdays. The guys on Saturday seem to really like the adventure path experience so far. I own two more also set in Varisia. Another one starts coming out in March and will be completely published byAugust. It is set in Katapesh on the southern contenent. It is supposed to have an Arabian Nights sort of feel. The next adventure path (the fifth) will come out starting in August/September using the new Pathfinder RPG rules. It will be set in Cheliax.

Running D&D/Pathfinder is working out for me because most of the prep work is already done. I just need to read the adventure and make a few tweaks. I admit that I am not adding a lot of originallity to the end product. If you would like to take a break from fantasy, I could also try to pull together/revive a Champions game or I could let someone else run for a while.

I have set up a poll. Please let me know what you think. You will only be able to select a single preference.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Web Site Updated - 2/17/09

I have made a few updates to my main D&D/Pathfinder page:

I have added the following:

  • Count-down counter and image of the cover for the upcoming Pathfinder RPG hardcover.
  • Link to the online d20 SRD
  • Linked a Pathfinder conversion for the Favored Soul class
  • Attached a pdf character sheet for Pathfinder Beta

Friday, February 6, 2009

Will Jon's Game return in 2009?

Sometimes I find myself asking questions. The current one on my mind is "Will Jon's Game return in 2009?"

I believe that all of the conditions have been met. The book is written. There is a desire to play (at least from the players end).

What are the barriers? Converting to Pathfinder? Time for Jon to plan? A deadline?


Thursday, February 5, 2009

There is no Kay in Prirate

Since we are not currently expecting Kay to attend, will the plot points related to her character and related NPCs go fallow or should we expect to follow up upon them?

If so, can we get a refresher of details surrounding her plot?

Web Site Updated - 2/5/09

I have updated my site for the Sunday game. The updates include:

  • An account of what happened over the last two sessions - Return of the Kobold King
  • Update on current character level. (You should now be 6th. Please bring a current copy to next session.)
  • Updates to character names and levels. (I believe I got everything correct. Send me an e-mail if I got something wrong.)
  • Update when we will play next. (I plan to run the early shift with Dave on the post dinner game.)