Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reminder - Game this Sunday 7/8/12

Just a reminder, we are scheduled for our Sunday game this coming weekend on 7/8/12. I am scheduled to run Pathfinder.

As a side note, I have been a bit dissatisfied with the way the game has been playing out lately. I am not sure if it is the adventure or the high-level play. I figure that if I am not satisfied then the players may not be either.

I was looking for input from the players as to what you would like to do. Our current group of players is Bruce, Dave, David, Jon and Matt F.

We can stick it out with the current characters and adventure and hope my feelings change.

We could start a new high level adventure with the same characters and see how that goes.

I could start a new low level adventure with new characters. I could even start an adventure path (I have several) which would take the characters from 1st to 15th+ assuming that we stuck with it. It would provide several years of story based upon our frequency of play.

I know that we have tried PFS and I am not sure that it is everyone’s cup of tea. It fits the infrequent gaming schedule but most of us already play regularly on Tuesday nights.

We could try a different game system for a while. The questions there are which one and would everyone be ok with it? Pathfinder seems to be a nice common ground.