Monday, November 14, 2011

Next game

Our next game is scheduled for 12/4/11.

Your characters should now be 14th level. Please make sure you have a leveled version when you arrive.

I will plan to run part of the day and Bruce has volunteered to run part. I really need a bit of a break and sharing GM duties will help. He is going to run a Paizo module for Pathfinder Society credit. We will all need to make characters for this. They will need to be PFS legal characters.

The rules for making a character are as follows:

20 point attribute buy.
Make character 9th level.
Character may have up to 46,000 gp in total wealth, with no single item worth more than 23,000 gp.
Character is considered to have no Prestige Award.

Special rules concerning character creation can be found in the PFS Organized Play Guide. A copy of the Guide can be found here:

At the end you will receive a chronicle sheet with wealth, XP and Prestige. This can then be applied to any PFS character that you have or a new 1st level one. You will need a PFS number for reporting purposes but we can supply one if you do not care to register on your own. This type of character would allow you to play in organized play events at conventions and such. If you really do not care, that is fine, but the rest of us play fairly regularly and would like the credit. Your characters just need to be kept legal.

An reference for stats for PFS can be found in the following file:

Just ask if you need assistance or would like one of us to make a character for you.