Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunday 3/12/17 Works For Me

Let's plan to play Legacy of Fire this coming Sunday, 3/12/17, at 3:00.

Assuming there are no objections or major conflicts, see you all on Sunday.


  1. I will most likely be late. Patrick flies back to Detroit on Saturday. I will need to take him to MSU on Sunday at some point. Spring Break who knew. lol

  2. I might be a bit late. Max of 30 minutes.

  3. We can set the start time later if that works better for folks.

  4. If I am late it will be no more than 30 minutes.

  5. Three things:
    As usual I will be late- until I get there from work
    Dave do we have a loot breakdown to plan purchases?
    I will not be a gaming tonight (3/7/17).I'm OK just too exhausted.

  6. Dave do you have the loot breakdown?

  7. If we can't plan our purchases ahead of time, maybe we should set another date. It doesn't make any sense to take up hours making purchases.

    1. There is still value in playing even if it is a short session. There should be enough content to cover 5 or 6 hours without too much trouble. I can always hold of on your level up until the end of the session.

    2. On behalf of Corey:

      I don't see too much of a problem. If we have the amount of loot to be sold we can divide it up and we usually take time to eat and talk and chill which can be used to look at stuff you want to buy.
      I will have my guy ready to level. That usually don't take to long anyways.

  8. I can total up the stuff we have now. There will still be math and/or divvying to do from up to this point though.

  9. That would help. We haven't divvied the saleable loot since we entered the city of brass. And I have no idea what price range of items to look at.

    1. There are magic items that we havent divvied, or we gave and didnt record. Some of these dont have names attached to them but they cant be unused.

      Harp of Charming
      Ring: Minor Fire Res
      Rope: climbing
      Wand: Magic Missile (lvl 7) 17
      Cloak: Res +2
      Ring: Minor Cold Res
      Lg Cold Iron Dagger: +1
      5x10 Carpet of Flying
      Bag of Holding II
      Bracer: Greater Bracers of Archery (1/2)
      Shortsword: +2 shocking burst
      Boots of Striding and Springing
      rapier +1 Genie Bane; Zin'kalie
      comp shortbow +3str +1
      belt +2 dex
      cloak +1
      ring +2
      Flask: tongues
      Large scythe +3
      poison x6 p48
      poison x4 p49
      tanglefoot bag x2

      We also have 15 potions of cure moderate wounds, and 15 potions of Shield of Faith +3. I assume we passed these out but I dont have either on my sheet.

      Assuming ALL of the above items were given and not slated to be sold (which I know is not the case) everybody gets: 17597.74

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  11. Do we want to set up a group fund for high ticket material components?
    Resurrection ---------- 10,000gp diamond
    Raise dead ------------ 5,000gp diamond
    Restoration, greater -- 5,000gp diamond dust
    Restoration ----------- 1,000gp / 100gp diamond dust

    1. We can do that. We should have at least one 5k diamond on hand.